Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Post Long Waited For... Well Maybe Not.

Well I'm back! At least for a couple posts anyway. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or whatever you celebrate during this summer-like holiday season. And I also wish for everyone to have a grand New Year.

Anyway back to the post that I have been meaning to get to for the longest time. I might as well tell you what's going to be in this post mainly because I see no problem with that, in fact I feel that's the way one should go along doing it. But I have little experience with this Blog thing and I have not mastered the way of the Blogger quite yet.
So this post should consist of the rest of the pictures of the cards that were in my last post way back in November. And the cards that my good friend William sent me. Well here we go...

First how about we start off with the rest of that last post...

First card opened in the Allen & Ginter box, a Mickey Mantle!
Some more Allen & Ginter...and the blue edged David Price           

The 2 USA guys William sent me, Thanks William!

Some Bowman packs as of recent... in one pack I got this Harper card and the Jesus Montero! Awesome.

Sorry for the weird alignment, Blogger was being difficult again. Also sorry for not putting up that George Bush card, I couldn't find the picture, maybe I might put it up in the next post.
And in the next post I should be able to show the internet and who ever comes across my blog, the cards I got for Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alright I'm Back, but Not Really

      I've been trying to get something up lately but have had no luck. I have been so busy during this Holiday season. I will try to get a couple posts up before the New Year. (Early Resolution). For those who have looked here in the pasted few months, Thank You for still looking even though I have barely done anything.
      I hope everyone has a Great Christmas Season or Holiday Season, if you celebrate something else...
...and a Happy New Year!



Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another Random Set of Cards That Were Recently Opened. (Part 1)

Sorry About Not Getting it up on Sunday
I had it pretty much done, but I was not able to post it...

         Sorry about not having a post in a while. I have just not been able to get around to it. (it might just be me but that last sentence sounds grammatically incorrect? Maybe not.) In the past month or so, I have bought many boxes of cards, just like the $19.99 boxes, but I did get like 5 or so. About 3 Bowman Chrome 2011, or whatever the most recent one is. And 2 Allan & Ginter boxes. In the Bowman boxes, I opened up two more Bryce Harper cards! The same as before but one was chrome. I also opened a David Price blue-edged card (just the normal Bowman). And to my excitement, I also got a Brett Brach Auto-Rookie card! 
In the Allan & Ginter, the first card in the first pack I opened, was a Mickey Mantle card! I also opened two mini George Bush cards, (if anyone wants them, please speak up. I'm not big about politics, so if anyone wants these cards please tell me.) And also a Billy Butler Jersey card!

The Billy Butler and Brett Brach cards.

Another Bryce Harper card, and I also got a chrome one too!

The David Price card will be in the next post, as well as much more cards including those George Bush ones.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No Need To Worry!!!!

Sorry that I've haven't posted anything in a while. I just haven't got around to it. I'm just here to say that I should have a post up no later then Sunday. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 7, 2011

First Ever Cards Through the Mail!

Sorry for not having a post in a while. I've been really busy lately, but I am still trying to get a post up. Also by the way, I started this post about 2 weeks ago, although I have not been able to post it because I still needed to finish it. 
Well, I'm pretty sure that it is the first time I ever got anything through the mail, other than the stuff that everyone else gets too. So I'm pretty excited that I finally got some cards through the mail! Thank You William! He sent the '87 Topps set minus 17 cards or so and some awesome Yankee cards. This set, if you didn't know, has a Barry Bonds rookie (see below), a Mark McGuire (rookie?), and what I find funny is, there is also a Jamie Moyer card as well. A Bartolo Colon chrome-thing card, (what are they called again? I'm never really learned the names of cards. I have just been calling them "shiny" or "chrome") and Chris Dickerson chrome-thing card. Also the normal Topps of those cards and a Derek Jeter DJ3K checklist card along with a Robinson Cano Home-Run Derby card as well as a nice Barry Sanders card.  Just want to say Thanks again to William!
 So I have nothing else to say so I will just post some pictures of a couple of the cards. Here they are:

Sorry for the odd alignment, blogger wasn't working with me...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finding a Treasure...

To start the post off, The Contest Is Over!
The final standings were
1st - foulbunt
2nd - drewscards
3rd - betterthanbeckett 
(also, betterthanbeckett, if you see this, can you send me your address via email so I can send you your winnings. My email is

now on with the post...

                 Back when I was in about 3rd grade, I went to this Baseball camp. First of all this camp was amazing. But more importantly I found something really awesome. This other kid and I were just warming up, nothing unusual about that. Then there was a bad throw and I didn't catch it, or whatever happened, and the ball rolled under this hole in the fence into some bushes. I went chasing after the ball, and found a different ball. Turns out to be a New York Yankees 2001 World Series Baseball with all the signatures of the players. The ball was pretty torn up, though it was still pretty awesome. I never found the original ball that I went into look for, although it was still really awesome to find this ball. I can't read some of the signatures but I did see players such as Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Paul O'Neil, Bernie Williams, and many more too. I'm pretty positive that the signatures are not real, it's just like one you would buy at the team store, but it is still really awesome to find such a ball. Here are some pictures of the ball, the condition has gotten worse over the years even though it's in a good location, (at least I think it is in a good location) I tried putting it in a case, but with the seams broken it doesn't fit. Here are the pictures:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Old Find, Well Kinda Old

In the contest there has been a change in the standing! Foulbunt is now in 1st! Drewsbbcards are in 2nd, Betterthanbecket is in 3rd, and Google is in 4th, somehow.

Now on with the post...

I was looking through an old box of cards I had lying around and I found a few interesting cards in it. They include a 2004 Jon Knott Bowman Gold Rookie card; a 2004 Seth Smith USA National Team Card; a Dontrelle Willis Donruss Studio 2005, Studio Stars; a 2004 Mike Mussina Upper Deck Power-Up Orange card; a 1962 Fleer Dusty Baker card; a Ed Walsh Topps All-Time Record holder card from 1985; a 2001 Upper Deck Chris Chambliss 1971 Rookie of the Year Award; and a Red Schoendienst 2003 Upper Deck Legendary Cuts card. Here are the Pictures:

2004 Jon Knott Bowman Gold Rookie card.

2004 Seth Smith USA National Team Card. (He was on the 2003 Team)

Dontrelle Willis Donruss Studio 2005, Studio Stars. This card is completely see-through.

2004 Mike Mussina Upper Deck Power-Up Orange card. It's suppose to be orange, not pink...

1962 Fleer Dusty Baker card.

Ed Walsh Topps All-Time Record holder card from 1985. 

2001 Upper Deck Chris Chambliss 1971 Rookie of the Year Award.

Red Schoendienst 2003 Upper Deck Legendary Cuts card.

Friday, October 7, 2011

An Auto Find...

In that same box I found before, I also found another card. Except 
this one was a autographed card. I'm pretty sure that it is real but I'm not 100% sure. It is a Steve Bechler Donruss Studio 2002 Rookie card. The autograph is a little smudged so that's one reason I'm thinking is real and it also just looks real too. Here's the picture:

Short Post...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Opening a Bowman Box Includes a Bryce Harper Card

I don't think the standings are going to change by much...

Now with the post...

I recently picked up a Bowman Box. I got many awesome cards within the box such as a Bowman's Best Tim Lincecum, Finest Futures Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki (separate cards), a Purple-edged (purple refractor?) chrome card of Johermyn Chavez, and a Hector Noesi chrome and regular rookie card (I got two of the same card). The Hector Noesi card wasn't anything special but he did pitch a few games for the Yankees and I though he was pretty cool. The main pick out of the box was a Bryce Harper BP1 card. Its nothing special, just a normal card but it is Bryce Harper. Here's the pictures of the cards:

Bryce Harper front and back. Those stats are amazing: 31 HRs, 98 RBIs in 66 games plus a .443 AVG.  

Tim Lincecum Bowman's Best. 

Cargo Finest Futures.

Tulo Finest Futures.

Johermyn Chavez Purple Refractor?

Hector Noesi Chrome Rookie Card.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lou Gehrig Card Mystery

Just like always I am going to start with the standings on the contest:
They haven't changed...
drewscards are still in 1st, foulbount is still in 2nd, and betterthanbeckett is in 3rd

Now on with the post...

                 So a long time ago I got this Lou Gehrig card from some Yankee store up in Albany, N.Y. I have a couple of baseball card price guides and I can't find this card in them. In these books, they have the same set as this Lou Gehrig card but no Lou Gehrig. Here's the picture of the card front and back. Also I haven't looked this card up on the internet so it's probably not a mystery at all. By the way the Yankee symbol on the front is felted.


Friday, September 16, 2011

New Post, Awesome Tie...

To start off, the standings on the contest are still very close and very similar:
                                                        Drewscards is still first,
                                                        now, foulbunt has taken second place
                                                        and betterthanbeckett is in third
Also I may not be posting as much because I have school and sports after school so I don't have much free time. Now on with the post:

I got this tie for Christmas one year and I think it is AWESOME...
It is a tie that has signed baseballs on it. The signatures are from l902 to 1939. The tie is all silk and there are at least 50 different players (a lot repeat). I only labeled a few names. Here it is...

Cy Young...

Walter Johnson

Babe Ruth

I'm not sure who that is but it looks a tiny bit like Lou Gehrig, my favorite player of all-time.

Joe DiMaggio

Satchel Paige

and Finally an overview