Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Post Long Waited For... Well Maybe Not.

Well I'm back! At least for a couple posts anyway. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or whatever you celebrate during this summer-like holiday season. And I also wish for everyone to have a grand New Year.

Anyway back to the post that I have been meaning to get to for the longest time. I might as well tell you what's going to be in this post mainly because I see no problem with that, in fact I feel that's the way one should go along doing it. But I have little experience with this Blog thing and I have not mastered the way of the Blogger quite yet.
So this post should consist of the rest of the pictures of the cards that were in my last post way back in November. And the cards that my good friend William sent me. Well here we go...

First how about we start off with the rest of that last post...

First card opened in the Allen & Ginter box, a Mickey Mantle!
Some more Allen & Ginter...and the blue edged David Price           

The 2 USA guys William sent me, Thanks William!

Some Bowman packs as of recent... in one pack I got this Harper card and the Jesus Montero! Awesome.

Sorry for the weird alignment, Blogger was being difficult again. Also sorry for not putting up that George Bush card, I couldn't find the picture, maybe I might put it up in the next post.
And in the next post I should be able to show the internet and who ever comes across my blog, the cards I got for Christmas!


  1. You had a really good pull with the Harper card. I need to pick one of those up at some point.

  2. Nice stuff Schuyler!!! Love the Harper Chrome and the Montero, even though he's on Seattle now..