Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Cards in January!

         Alright I'm Back?! So I got this box of Bowman cards for Christmas (I know its January 14th) and I got these three awesome cards in the box! A Jarrod Dyson Blue Refractor?, a Rubby De La Rosa Blue Refractor, and a Kyle Crick Blue Refractor. All three were rookie cards as you might be able to tell.  


 I put up a Picture of my Jesus Montero card last post, but unfortunately he is no longer with the Yankees. :(
 To see more on this trade search it on Google or watch TV.

Well I'm done with this post an I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and accomplishes their New Year's Resolutions!
                Thanks For Reading this post or looking at the pictures or just going to this page and doing nothing except pressing the back button because you have no idea what's going on!

Hey Look What I just Found on my Twitter Feed... - I'll will give anyone a dollar who buys that and is also following me... I want it! Hurry It Ends In 29 Days!


  1. Hahahahah good luck on landing the set for a single dollar... might be a bit difficult! Oh well, nice stuff dude!

  2. Thanks Drew! and I meant that if anyone bought it I would give that person a dollar. haha