Friday, September 16, 2011

New Post, Awesome Tie...

To start off, the standings on the contest are still very close and very similar:
                                                        Drewscards is still first,
                                                        now, foulbunt has taken second place
                                                        and betterthanbeckett is in third
Also I may not be posting as much because I have school and sports after school so I don't have much free time. Now on with the post:

I got this tie for Christmas one year and I think it is AWESOME...
It is a tie that has signed baseballs on it. The signatures are from l902 to 1939. The tie is all silk and there are at least 50 different players (a lot repeat). I only labeled a few names. Here it is...

Cy Young...

Walter Johnson

Babe Ruth

I'm not sure who that is but it looks a tiny bit like Lou Gehrig, my favorite player of all-time.

Joe DiMaggio

Satchel Paige

and Finally an overview


  1. You are correct on the Gehrig. Awesome tie, man.

  2. I have some nice baseball ties. No signed balls ties though!

  3. Thanks guys!! I only have two ties and this is one of them...

  4. Nice tie Schuyler!! And yeah, its Gehrig for sure