Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kaz Ishii

To get started the standings on the contest are close!!!
1st: drewsbbcards
and 2nd is a tie between foulbunt and betterthanbeckett

Now to get on with the post...

This was a ball that I got a long time ago in a Upper Deck box...

This is a signed mini ball by Kaz Matsui. I'm not sure if it's a real signature. It looks real and fake at the same time.
You can tell that it is small because the stand that it is on, is a key chain thing. 
The top says "ISHII"... I'm not sure what it means. 

This is a short post...


  1. Might be a Kaz Ishii autograph, he was a pitcher I think.

  2. Former Dodger Kaz Ishii. Played for the Dodgers from 2002 to 2004 and Mets in 2005. Wore #17 for Dodgers.

  3. ahh of course. my bad. didnt know him. all this time I was thinking it was Kaz Matsui, wow.

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