Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another Random Set of Cards That Were Recently Opened. (Part 1)

Sorry About Not Getting it up on Sunday
I had it pretty much done, but I was not able to post it...

         Sorry about not having a post in a while. I have just not been able to get around to it. (it might just be me but that last sentence sounds grammatically incorrect? Maybe not.) In the past month or so, I have bought many boxes of cards, just like the $19.99 boxes, but I did get like 5 or so. About 3 Bowman Chrome 2011, or whatever the most recent one is. And 2 Allan & Ginter boxes. In the Bowman boxes, I opened up two more Bryce Harper cards! The same as before but one was chrome. I also opened a David Price blue-edged card (just the normal Bowman). And to my excitement, I also got a Brett Brach Auto-Rookie card! 
In the Allan & Ginter, the first card in the first pack I opened, was a Mickey Mantle card! I also opened two mini George Bush cards, (if anyone wants them, please speak up. I'm not big about politics, so if anyone wants these cards please tell me.) And also a Billy Butler Jersey card!

The Billy Butler and Brett Brach cards.

Another Bryce Harper card, and I also got a chrome one too!

The David Price card will be in the next post, as well as much more cards including those George Bush ones.


  1. Very nice! Cam over at 'The Bullpen Cardboard' likes political cards, you should see if he wants the Bush minis.