Monday, November 7, 2011

First Ever Cards Through the Mail!

Sorry for not having a post in a while. I've been really busy lately, but I am still trying to get a post up. Also by the way, I started this post about 2 weeks ago, although I have not been able to post it because I still needed to finish it. 
Well, I'm pretty sure that it is the first time I ever got anything through the mail, other than the stuff that everyone else gets too. So I'm pretty excited that I finally got some cards through the mail! Thank You William! He sent the '87 Topps set minus 17 cards or so and some awesome Yankee cards. This set, if you didn't know, has a Barry Bonds rookie (see below), a Mark McGuire (rookie?), and what I find funny is, there is also a Jamie Moyer card as well. A Bartolo Colon chrome-thing card, (what are they called again? I'm never really learned the names of cards. I have just been calling them "shiny" or "chrome") and Chris Dickerson chrome-thing card. Also the normal Topps of those cards and a Derek Jeter DJ3K checklist card along with a Robinson Cano Home-Run Derby card as well as a nice Barry Sanders card.  Just want to say Thanks again to William!
 So I have nothing else to say so I will just post some pictures of a couple of the cards. Here they are:

Sorry for the odd alignment, blogger wasn't working with me...


  1. Those shiny ones are the Diamond Parallel cards from 2011 Topps. You still need 47 cards to complete the set. I put them in numerical order for you, also. Glad you enjoyed buddy.

  2. Ahhh Diamond Parallels. and I knew it was something with a 7 that I needed to complete the set. The whole numerical order thing really helped. Thanks again!

  3. Blogger gives me fits all the time.