Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finding a Treasure...

To start the post off, The Contest Is Over!
The final standings were
1st - foulbunt
2nd - drewscards
3rd - betterthanbeckett 
(also, betterthanbeckett, if you see this, can you send me your address via email so I can send you your winnings. My email is

now on with the post...

                 Back when I was in about 3rd grade, I went to this Baseball camp. First of all this camp was amazing. But more importantly I found something really awesome. This other kid and I were just warming up, nothing unusual about that. Then there was a bad throw and I didn't catch it, or whatever happened, and the ball rolled under this hole in the fence into some bushes. I went chasing after the ball, and found a different ball. Turns out to be a New York Yankees 2001 World Series Baseball with all the signatures of the players. The ball was pretty torn up, though it was still pretty awesome. I never found the original ball that I went into look for, although it was still really awesome to find this ball. I can't read some of the signatures but I did see players such as Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Paul O'Neil, Bernie Williams, and many more too. I'm pretty positive that the signatures are not real, it's just like one you would buy at the team store, but it is still really awesome to find such a ball. Here are some pictures of the ball, the condition has gotten worse over the years even though it's in a good location, (at least I think it is in a good location) I tried putting it in a case, but with the seams broken it doesn't fit. Here are the pictures:


  1. Yeah those are replica signatures, but the ball still looks kind of cool! You might want to put it in a softball case instead of a baseball one. That might help. Some kid gave that ball a ride, that's for sure...

  2. I should put it in a softball case, i'll have to get one. and yeah i was thinking the same thing. it was on the other side of the HR/outfield fence.