Thursday, September 29, 2011

Opening a Bowman Box Includes a Bryce Harper Card

I don't think the standings are going to change by much...

Now with the post...

I recently picked up a Bowman Box. I got many awesome cards within the box such as a Bowman's Best Tim Lincecum, Finest Futures Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki (separate cards), a Purple-edged (purple refractor?) chrome card of Johermyn Chavez, and a Hector Noesi chrome and regular rookie card (I got two of the same card). The Hector Noesi card wasn't anything special but he did pitch a few games for the Yankees and I though he was pretty cool. The main pick out of the box was a Bryce Harper BP1 card. Its nothing special, just a normal card but it is Bryce Harper. Here's the pictures of the cards:

Bryce Harper front and back. Those stats are amazing: 31 HRs, 98 RBIs in 66 games plus a .443 AVG.  

Tim Lincecum Bowman's Best. 

Cargo Finest Futures.

Tulo Finest Futures.

Johermyn Chavez Purple Refractor?

Hector Noesi Chrome Rookie Card.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lou Gehrig Card Mystery

Just like always I am going to start with the standings on the contest:
They haven't changed...
drewscards are still in 1st, foulbount is still in 2nd, and betterthanbeckett is in 3rd

Now on with the post...

                 So a long time ago I got this Lou Gehrig card from some Yankee store up in Albany, N.Y. I have a couple of baseball card price guides and I can't find this card in them. In these books, they have the same set as this Lou Gehrig card but no Lou Gehrig. Here's the picture of the card front and back. Also I haven't looked this card up on the internet so it's probably not a mystery at all. By the way the Yankee symbol on the front is felted.


Friday, September 16, 2011

New Post, Awesome Tie...

To start off, the standings on the contest are still very close and very similar:
                                                        Drewscards is still first,
                                                        now, foulbunt has taken second place
                                                        and betterthanbeckett is in third
Also I may not be posting as much because I have school and sports after school so I don't have much free time. Now on with the post:

I got this tie for Christmas one year and I think it is AWESOME...
It is a tie that has signed baseballs on it. The signatures are from l902 to 1939. The tie is all silk and there are at least 50 different players (a lot repeat). I only labeled a few names. Here it is...

Cy Young...

Walter Johnson

Babe Ruth

I'm not sure who that is but it looks a tiny bit like Lou Gehrig, my favorite player of all-time.

Joe DiMaggio

Satchel Paige

and Finally an overview

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kaz Ishii

To get started the standings on the contest are close!!!
1st: drewsbbcards
and 2nd is a tie between foulbunt and betterthanbeckett

Now to get on with the post...

This was a ball that I got a long time ago in a Upper Deck box...

This is a signed mini ball by Kaz Matsui. I'm not sure if it's a real signature. It looks real and fake at the same time.
You can tell that it is small because the stand that it is on, is a key chain thing. 
The top says "ISHII"... I'm not sure what it means. 

This is a short post...