Tuesday, May 17, 2016

CU Club Baseball Spring Season Recap.

      Minna, Konnichiwa! The Clarkson University Club Baseball Team finished their spring season about a month ago now, to conclude the 2015-2016 season. The Golden Knights took 2 out of 5 to end the season with a overall record of 15-9-1 and 12-6 in conference play. Unfortunately, they landed in second place, just behind the SUNY Oneonta Red Dragons, thus, unable to make the NCBA Playoffs. You can check out the team website here.
A snow / hail combination delays the game

       Onwards! To the recap: After having the University of New Haven cancel, the Knights' first series of the spring was against the RPI Engineers down in Troy, NY. Due to impending snow fall the following day, the teams decided to play all three games on that Saturday, which led to many of us's first triple header. The Knights took a bit to get started as they lost the first two 11-1 and 10-0, although the Engineers seemed to lose their steam and the Knights came back to win the third 11-7, after a short hail and snow delay.

Sophomore Anthony Angelini hits a monster Home Run

Something of note:

Sophomore Anthony Angelini hit the Knights' second home run of the season on a shot that went well over the left field wall. 

     The following weekend, the Knights traveled to Schenectady to face off against the Union Dutch. The series ended in 1-1 tie, with the Dutch gaining their first ever win as a club team by the score of 5-3. However, they couldn't achieve their first sweep as they ran out of pitchers in the second game letting the Knights win 7-4. 

Senior Ian Shaw breaks more records

Something of note: 

Senior Ian Shaw continued to break his own records and was able to claim his spot as the Knights' all-time pitching leader. Shaw ended his reign with a career total of 95 strikeouts in 91 innings pitched, which gave way to a impressive 2.69 ERA and 6 wins on top of 10 complete games. He also holds the single season record with 38 k's in 38.1 innings and 4 wins from 4 complete games. 

      And with that the season ended. The Knights will lose four of their best due to something called "graduation", whatever that is. May they continue to do well, wherever they're off to.

Ian Shaw, Treasurer, P, INF


Dan Wahl, Vice President, OF

Kevin Palmiotto, INF

Geoff Baldwin, Committee Chair, P, INF

That's all for this season! Come out next fall to support your Golden Knights! But until then we might just take up some acting lessons....

...Or learn how to take better pictures....

...Or maybe practice our sliding...

-All photos taken by CU Club Baseball Historian Schuyler Meyer-

Once again, this post will not include translations. Rest assured, I am starting to learn the grammatical aspects of Japanese but am not yet confident enough to write sentences without the aid of the "always correct" Google Translate. In addition, I have to learn how to Spanish again, since it has been quite some time since I really focused on the language. I know I've said this just about every post, but based on how often I post and how the language learning is coming along, I should be able to include translations with the next post.

Anyways, that's all for now. Ja Ne! じゃね!