Tuesday, December 8, 2015

CU Club Baseball Fall Season Recap.

      Minna, ohayo! I mean it's morning somewhere. Anyway, here's a post that's actually about something, not just me blabbing about what this blog could be. Moving on, the Clarkson University's Club Baseball team finished their fall season, well about two months ago now, with a 10-6-1 record and 8-4 in league play. Before I get into the details, I should probably explain a little more about the team. 

      So, the Clarkson University Club Baseball team started in the fall of 2012 by JonPaul Visconte and Edward Lee, who are both in the Class of 2015. That spring (2013), the club won their first game against SUNY New Paltz in walk-off fashion by a base hit from JonPaul. They ended the season 1-1. The following year (2013-2014), the club ended their first full season with 6 wins for a total record of 6-11. Jumping to the next season (2014-2015), the club joined the NCBA (National Club Baseball Association) in Division II and finished the year with a 11-7 record and 6-6 in league play. And now we come to the current season (2015-2016), where the club has finished the fall season with a 7-6-1 record and 5-4 in league play (with 3 forfeit wins for a overall record of 10-6-1). The club looks to play a series each against RPI and SUNY New Paltz come spring or whenever the snow melts.

      Taking another step back, Club Baseball has some interesting points that may be worth explaining. First, teams play weekend series in the fall and the spring and compete for playoff spots. Working your way up the playoff bracket, your team can eventually reach the Club Baseball World Series, much like the NCAA College Baseball World Series, except it's club and not the NCAA. The World Series is usually held somewhere in Arkansas. Furthermore, club teams don't have a specified coach, per se, but rather the players coach themselves and being a club, it has the usual president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, etc. Otherwise, baseball is in fact still baseball, and that's really all there is to say about that.

Junior Steve Epps pitching.

Onwards! To the recap:  So starting the season the Golden Knights faced off against their friendly neighborhood rivals, the SUNY Canton Kangaroos and split the series 1-1. Nothing too noteworthy during this series.

Sophomore Drew Devendorf hits a Home Run.

On to the next weekend the Knights went head-to-head with probably the toughest team in the league, SUNY Binghamton. Sophomore Drew Devendorf hit the Knights' first Home Run of the season and the Knights' third of all-time, late in the second game. Unfortunately, it was not enough power to pull the Knights ahead. The Bear Cats came out on top 2 out of the 3 and won the series 2-1. 

Sophomore Anthony Angelini's walk-off in the 8th, gives the Knights a win.

The following series saw the SUNY Oneonta Red Dragons come out on top in the series 2-1, however the Knights' sole victory came in an 8 inning nail biter topped with a walk-off hit from Anthony Angelini. Also something worth noting, Senior Ian Shaw threw his club leading 75th career strikeout.

Senior Ian Shaw achieves 75 career strike outs.

Moving on, the Knights played their friendly neighborhood rivals once again for a 3-game series over the course of the next two weekends. Well it ended in ties. The series went 1-1-1 for each team, with the final game going 10 innings before getting called. 

And finally the last series of the fall for the Golden Knights saw the Knights' first sweep in the team's history, against the Colgate Raiders. The final game, the Knights got a lucky break after the game was called in the 6th due to lack of visibility and snow accumulation, which left the Raiders with the bases loaded and no outs to end the game. Senior JP Visconte collected his team leading 30th career hit. Well, that's all for the fall season. let's hope the Golden Knights can collect more wins in the spring.

You can check out the club's website here:

And now we wait for the spring!

"It's okay, baseball will be back soon."

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All photos were taken by Schuyler Meyer - CU Baseball Club Historian.

As a side note, this post will not include translations, as of now, because I've fallen behind on my attempts to learn the languages and on top of all my school work, I haven't had much time. However, the next posts should include them. In addition, I also wanted to get this post out while it was still somewhat relevant.

Furthermore, I have the said contest set in place, although, I don't have the prizes yet. I wouldn't want to post a contest with no prizes. Please wait a little longer. (お待ちください! Omachikudasai! ¡Por favor, espera!)

Anyway, that's all for now. Ja ne! じゃね!

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