Saturday, January 7, 2017

Clarkson Club Baseball 2016 Fall Season Recap

Minna, Konnichiwa! SchuyPrism is back with another Clarkson University's Club Baseball bi-seasonal recap. The team finished their fall season, well, in October, and with a meager 2-7 record and 1-4 in league play. A lot of new talent joined the club this past fall, including at least seven freshman and one sophomore. There's certainly a lot of room for improvement as the rookies adjust to the new atmosphere. The team has been trying to iron out their hitches all fall, for which some improvement has shown through the dirt. The team had far fewer strikeouts this fall than in previous seasons, unfortunately the hits in the right moments and the RBI's are still lacking. Hopefully those will come generously in the spring. 

The ever-so lustrous Potsdam, NY impeded numerous games once again this fall with snow and cold weather coming early and often. However, the Golden Knights were still able to get a few games in despite the sub par weather conditions. And with that, on to the recap!

                       The Golden Knights take on the Montreal Titans

The Golden Knights started off their 2016 fall season with an exhibition series against the 17/18u Montreal Titans at home at Sandstoner Park in Potsdam. The Titans are a showcase / travel team from Canada. And while they are not a college team like the Golden Knights, many of their players will probably end up in upper level college ball, if not eventually in the pros. It's always a lot of fun playing a team that speaks a different language. But despite the age difference, the Titans still managed to win three of the four games, only losing the final game in the series after running out of steam. Being the first series of the fall for the Golden Knights, the team was figuring out the best places for all the new players as well as finding the best combinations of rookies and returners.

The next series brought the Golden Knights to Brockport to play against the Division I SUNY Brockport club team (Note: the Golden Knights are in Division II). The Golden Knights were holding their own, with a chance to even win the first of a double header, but unfortunately, the final winner of the series was the rain, as both games got postponed due to the weather.

The Rain Wins at SUNY Brockport
Next up, the Golden Knights took a road trip down to Oneonta to play a series against the SUNY Oneonta Red Dragons. The first doubleheader on Saturday ended with a tie, as the Red Dragons took the first game by the score of 2-1, but the Golden Knights came back to take the second game by the score of 9-4. Unfortunately, the Golden Knights couldn't keep the winning rolling and lost the third and final game of the series by a score of 7-1 on Sunday.

The Golden Knights couldn't get the runs scoring in the next series against the SUNY Oswego Lakers and ended up losing both games of the doubleheader with the third getting postponed. And the final series of the fall was scheduled against Ithaca College, but that too was postponed due to inclement weather.

The club at SUNY Oneonta
The club looks to play Colgate University, SUNY Binghamton, and the SUNY Canton DIII JV team in the spring.

Some noteworthy things of note: Both graduate student JP Visconte and Junior Ian Wetherbee recorded their 40th career hits. And graduate student Ian Shaw returned to get his 100th career strikeout and his 100th career inning pitched.

Come out to support the Golden Knights in the spring!

Now onto the forever promised translation attempts! I apologize in advance for the terrible attempts at translating. After all, I'm trying to learn the languages and don't know much about them yet. If there is anyone who is knowledgeable, feel free to comment.

Japanese / Nihongo [Romaji]

Minna, Konnichiwa! SchuyPrism ga modottekita! [Tadaima!] Yakyuubu no Clarkson daigaku wa aki no kisetsu ni 2-7 no kiroku de owatta. Ōku no atarashii senshu ga chīmu ni kuwawari, ōku no kaizen no yochi ga arimasu. Umaku ikeba, chīmu wa haru ni motto umaku purei suru koto ga dekimasu.

Junior Dalton Alexander gets a base hit

Golden Knights-tachi wa 17/18u Montreal no Titans, Kanada no chīmu to no aki no shīzun ni hajimarimashita. Nenrei no chigai nimokakawarazu, Titans wa yon gēmu no uchi san gēmu ni katta.

Tsugini, Golden Knights-tachi wa SUNY Brockport ni ikimashita. Sore wa sessendeshita, ame wa saishūtekini katta. [Korudo gēmu]. Tsugini, Golden Knights-tachi wa SUNY Oneonta ni ikimashita, san gēmu no uchi ichi gēmu ni katta. Tsugini, Golden Knights-tachi wa SUNY Oswego to fēsuofu, ryōhō no gēmu o ushinatta. Golden Knights-tachi wa Ithaca daigaku o enjiru hazudatta, demo korudo gēmu dakarashita.

Chūmoku no nōto: Visconte JP-senpai [-senshu] to Wetherbee Ian-san [-senshu] wa yonju ban anda o tassei. Shaw Ian-senpai [-senshu] wa sanshin hyaku no iningu hyaku.

Golden Knights o shien suru!

Side note: When talking about a baseball game, would you use "Shiai" or "Gēmu"?

Anyways, that's all for now. CU in a few months! Ja Ne! じゃね!

All photos taken by Clarkson University Baseball Club Historian Schuyler Meyer