Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A New Post That Might Cheer Some People Up

  First of all, hope everyone is ok from the hurricane. Little Ol' Millbrook just got a lot of rain and a little wind.
  Second, the standing on the contest so far are: 1st: drewscards
                                                                                    2nd: betterthanbeckett 
                                                                                    3rd: foulbunt

Now on to the post: These are some cards that I have that I thought were humorous:

This is Carlos Delgado shooting a super soaker...  

The card says "The Untouchables" but as you may know, Chan Ho Park has not been so untouchable these past few years...

I find this funny because this card is from 1989. Jamie Moyer is still playing, or he was as of the beginning of this year...

Jason Michaels has a big glove...

You might not be able to see this one but, Jeff Francoeur looks like he is not watching the ball...

And Ryan Klesko is catching the bat...

Sunday, August 21, 2011


There will be a contest that anyone can win! 

 All you have to do is advertise my blog on your website by pasting or highlighting it well. The person with the most people coming from their website wins!
This contest ends October 19, 2011
Put this on your website or blog: http://schuylerstuff.blogspot.com/

But, the only way you can win is if you have already subscribed to my blog.

The First Place Prize:
You could win this one of a kind Jersey Card:

The pink sticker on the back will be removed. It is not on the card at all, it is on a slip.

Don't worry, that's not the only prizes and its not even the best.
There will be more prizes to come!

If you have any problems or concerns with this contest, please notify me on the suggestions page: http://schuylerstuff.blogspot.com/p/suggestions.html

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Random Cards With Yankees in the Background

Ok so this next post is pretty much what the title says, "Random cards with Yankee players in the background". These cards are just the normal cheap Topps cards or whatever they are called. 

The first one is a Darin Erstad with Derek Jeter in the background. 

The second is a Terrance Long card with A-Rod clearly about to tag him out. Terrance went to the Yankees that year, I think or the next, but he was only on the Yanks for a short period. 

And the last one is a Angel Berroa card with Miguel Cairo breaking up the double play. What ever happened to Angel Berroa? and Miguel Cairo?
-I know Miguel was on the Reds last time I saw.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation Brings Back New Treasures...

           In my 3 day vacation in Vermont, it was not very interesting until the ride back home. We stopped at the Vermont Country Store. The location we stopped at was more of an antique store. They had more than 2 floors of random stuff that was actually interesting. Most of the time antiques are not part of my interests but this store was amazing. There was at least 10 different locations just in the store where they had baseball related things. A lot of cards pre-2000, not just baseball cards either. We were going to go to a Minor League Game up in Montpelier but their season had already ended.
           To start off I got a Topps Giant Photo Card of Bucky Dent. This card was made in 1981. They even have a sweepstakes that expired Dec. 31, 1981. I love his old batting gloves... Here is a picture of the card and wrapper:


                         I also got a bunch of packs too. Nothing special, just more random cards to add to my random collection. Here's some pictures of the packs. I tried to open them carefully but they were so old that it was hard to.

            To the one in the top right, it's one of those packs that has the piece of gum in it. Well since this pack is from 1991, I'm sure you can imagine what the gum would be like. Exactly the same! The gum looks very new other than the fact that it is older than me and as hard as a rock. And all the cards have a nice little coating of the gum powder. 
                 I also got a Ty Cobb card at this place and it has a typo on, saying that he was born in 1866 which would mean that he started playing at age 39. He was actually born in 1886 and started when he was 19. The stats on the back were better quality until I cropped the photo, that's when it got a little blurry. Here is the picture of the front and back: 


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paul O'Neil Autograph Baseball

This is a Paul O'Neil Autographed Baseball that I got a few months ago...
Not much else to say. Paul O'Neil was a amazing player. He was on the Cincinnati Reds and the New York Yankees during his career. Now he sometimes announces for the Yankee games on T.V. or the radio, I can't remember.

The actual story behind this ball was that my dad, owner of the Merritt Bookstore, ask Paul to come have an author signing at his bookstore. Paul had just recently wrote a book. He couldn't come to Millbrook so instead just sent my dad a signed baseball. 

You can see Merritt Books' website here: http://www.merrittbooks.com/ 
and "like" them on Facebook and "follow" them on Twitter... its all on the homepage.  

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1998 New York Yankees World Series Pins

              These are a bunch of 1998 New York Yankees World Series Pins. If you are too blind to see or this photo quality is not very good, you can see that the Yankees swept the series 4-0. The Yankees had a total of 125 wins on the season (including the playoffs). Their record on the regular season was 114-48. The Yankees finished ahead of the Red Soxs by 22 games, they clinched the wild card. You can see the full standings here:    http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/standings/index.jsp#19980928
Scott Brosius was the World Series MVP. This was the Yankees' 24th World Championship Win tying them with the Montreal Canadians as the most Champions won by a franchise. Although the Yankees have since gotten 3 more making them the leaders.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some More Random Cards in My Small Collection


                  Ok so the top left is a Rickie Weeks authentic autograph that i got in a Upper Deck box. I think it is also a rookie card or very close to his rookie season. The top right is a Drew Meyer autograph, he was a minor leaguer that has now retired...Thank You Drew for getting this for me. The bottom right is that Derek Jeter rookie card that everyone seems to have. And the bottom left is just some random Mickey Mantle card. The bottom pictures are just the backs of the above pictures.

              Sorry for the bad quality pictures, my scanner doesn't pick up the cards through their cases.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just Some Fun Baseball Facts...

  1. 108 stitches on a Major-League Baseball
    • The balls are stitched by hand with 2 straight needles (not so sure they do it by hand anymore)
  2. Major-League bases are 15 square inches 
    • 38.1 centimeters
  3. 1 in 4 chances that a hot dog will be eaten in an American Ballpark, which originated in Iowa. 
    • The Hawkeye State raises more than a quarter of the nation's hot dogs. 

...these facts are from a little calendar so I'm not so sure if they are very accurate...