Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation Brings Back New Treasures...

           In my 3 day vacation in Vermont, it was not very interesting until the ride back home. We stopped at the Vermont Country Store. The location we stopped at was more of an antique store. They had more than 2 floors of random stuff that was actually interesting. Most of the time antiques are not part of my interests but this store was amazing. There was at least 10 different locations just in the store where they had baseball related things. A lot of cards pre-2000, not just baseball cards either. We were going to go to a Minor League Game up in Montpelier but their season had already ended.
           To start off I got a Topps Giant Photo Card of Bucky Dent. This card was made in 1981. They even have a sweepstakes that expired Dec. 31, 1981. I love his old batting gloves... Here is a picture of the card and wrapper:


                         I also got a bunch of packs too. Nothing special, just more random cards to add to my random collection. Here's some pictures of the packs. I tried to open them carefully but they were so old that it was hard to.

            To the one in the top right, it's one of those packs that has the piece of gum in it. Well since this pack is from 1991, I'm sure you can imagine what the gum would be like. Exactly the same! The gum looks very new other than the fact that it is older than me and as hard as a rock. And all the cards have a nice little coating of the gum powder. 
                 I also got a Ty Cobb card at this place and it has a typo on, saying that he was born in 1866 which would mean that he started playing at age 39. He was actually born in 1886 and started when he was 19. The stats on the back were better quality until I cropped the photo, that's when it got a little blurry. Here is the picture of the front and back: 



  1. Nice pickups. Always cool to find random things at random stores that you don't normally expect to be there.

  2. yeah i love it. i bought all the packs at the one place then continue through the store to find many more. also i forgot to mention in the post that i also got a 1987 Yankees Team pack. with the whole team. not like the team packs today that have like 10 cards.

  3. A couple things... If you want something funny to watch, check out this blog post of my friend and I trying 1988 Topps gum 2 years ago...

    Also, I'm sure you're dying to know what that powder is on all those sticks of gum that you see (Big Red is the best example). That powder, is in fact, ground up marble. It is put on the gum as a means to polish teeth. Crazy, right? I learned that in my Mineralogy class. There are a couple other products that have some minerals and stuff in them that you wouldn't expect...

  4. wow i kinda glad i didnt try the gum haha.