Sunday, August 21, 2011


There will be a contest that anyone can win! 

 All you have to do is advertise my blog on your website by pasting or highlighting it well. The person with the most people coming from their website wins!
This contest ends October 19, 2011
Put this on your website or blog:

But, the only way you can win is if you have already subscribed to my blog.

The First Place Prize:
You could win this one of a kind Jersey Card:

The pink sticker on the back will be removed. It is not on the card at all, it is on a slip.

Don't worry, that's not the only prizes and its not even the best.
There will be more prizes to come!

If you have any problems or concerns with this contest, please notify me on the suggestions page:


  1. I have officially entered by putting your blog on the side of mine asking people to check it out. You can make checks payable to me. Haha. Seriously, though, this is the first contest I have entered in forever... Just so you know.

  2. I have pimped your blog! Do you trade? I haven't read all your posts yet, but it seems like you're a Yankees fan. I could put this in the suggestions, but you might want to consider a want list and a for trade list (if you have any).

    Good luck with your blog!

  3. thanks to both of you. and i am willing to trade although i don't have a big collection. what i have is mostly the 5 cent cards from like Topps and upper deck but if u find anything interesting then i'll trade.
    also i am a huge Yankees fan!

  4. I just started to follow your blog and added you to my blogroll. Welcome to the community and thanks for putting on a contest.

  5. I followed over here from It's Like Having My Own Card Shop, and have posted about your contest on my own blog as well:

    good luck, thanks for the contest.

  6. Aw, the old "subscribed" conundrum again. WordPress fail.

  7. thanks everyone!
    i dont know if anyone noticed but i put the end date as the first game of the world series. i might make it shorter at some point because thats like 2 months and might be a little long.

  8. Alright my blog's got an ad up too, thanks for the contest Schuyler! Good luck with the blog!