Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Primordiales Destiny

It is our primordiales (primordial) destiny to help a new generation of beings to exist; in this universe, in this time, in this space. We have exhausted our time. We have learned the answers. It is ripe now to hand life off to the next. We will stay to observe and promote the new ones. They may view us as gods, but we are no such thing. They are us and we are them. We are what they will become, given time. Let the cycle continue. The cycle doesn't end until time itself ceases to exist. When they have attained our equate, we will ebb into abatement.

The "we" the passage is referring to, is not necessarily us humans, well maybe in time; but rather it is referring to a higher being. (Everyone has a different name for these omniscient, omnipotent, deific, "divine beings": Creators, God, gods, Elohim, Allah, Amaterasu, Baldr, Extra-Terrestrials, etc.) "Given time" we humans may become the "we", however, the time has not yet come to pass. We are the "new generation of beings", currently and presumably. 

(For sake of explanation, the "new generation of beings", or the younger, inferior, etc. group will be referred to as the "new group" or the "new group of beings". And the higher beings/gods/creators/helpers etc. will be referred to as the "higher beings" )

From the above writings, it may seem closed minded and selfish in the way that there is only one group (higher beings) helping another single group (new group), although, this is not the case. While, yes, one group of "higher beings" may help another (new group), they are not the only ones. There could be infinite amounts of these groups in this universe, time, and space, and there could be another infinite in another universe, time, and space. For instance, species A helps and promotes a "new group" and species B helps and promotes a different "new group". Furthermore, there may be more than one group of "higher beings" helping and promoting a single "new group". These two or more groups helping the "new group" could be at peace with one another, or at war, or may not even know of one another's existence. And the "new group" also may or may not know of, or even understand, what the "higher beings" are doing. And if the "new group" knows of the "higher beings" existence, they may view them as gods. But as stated in the passage from above, "...but we are no such thing." Given time and the right circumstances, the "new beings" will become the "higher beings", however long it may take. 

More so, while the "higher beings" may help and promote the "new beings", it is also quite possible, but maybe not true in every case, that the "higher beings" even created the "new beings" as well. Either as an experiment, an attempt at survival of their own species, or even just because they simply could. If this is the case, the "higher beings" and "new beings" would be very similar in genetic makeup / shape / size / what have you, although they would probably not be an exact replica. It would depend on the purpose of the creators and why they had made these "new beings". If the creation was for the purpose of a continuation of a race, then the "new beings" may be more similar than not, maybe with a touch of something that would give the "new beings" the ability to survive if the creators could not, like some sort of "boost". If it was just because the creators could, then the "new beings" may be a bit different than the creators. There is also the possibility that the creators created the "new beings" because they needed something to help themselves, such as for labor, entertainment, nourishment, etc. This last case would most likely fall under the "because they could" category, more or less.

Furthermore, these "higher beings" may not be omnipresent or even omniscient. These "higher beings" are just as the name suggests, higher, more advanced, morally, technologically, cognitively, etc. in comparison to the "new beings", hence the "destiny to help a new generation of beings...". (I mean the NSA is omnipresent, aren't they?) So it's quite possible that these "higher beings" may just have advanced technology, that the "new beings" don't understand and see it as "the powers of the gods".

Although, of course, the "higher beings" may not intend to help and promote the "new beings" but do so by accident. If the "higher beings" have become advanced enough to travel through the vastness of space, but have yet to "...find all the answers" and become truly omniscient, and they happen to land on a planet with primitive beings. Then the primitive beings, or "new beings", see these foreigners as "the gods coming down to visit them". In turn, the "higher beings" could potentially have a great influence on these "new beings" and could even push the "new beings" technologically and morally more quickly than they would have alone, all without meaning to do so. And these "higher beings" could either use this situation to help the "new beings" advance or just use the "new beings" as slaves or as disposable pawns on the chessboard. However, the "new beings" might not understand the purpose of the "higher beings", so they would see their actions as "god's will" or "the might of the gods". More so, the "new beings" also might not understand the expanse of the technology of the "higher beings" so they would describe them as they saw and in the way they understood. For example, a modern day plane may be titled "the Great Bird of ____ - the God of Fire" or something of the sort.

Of course there could also be an even higher being(s) that controls or promotes the higher beings and the new beings. One can only speculate and attempt to fathom such a immense thought.

As a side note, feel free to comment on or question this theory, because after all it is just a theory, as of now. And this theory is far from flawless, so if you notice any significant holes, let me know and I will try to answer them. 

This has nothing to do with April Fools...

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