Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just Some Random Cards to Pass the Time Until Another Post.

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Here's the first post I have made since last April. With the process of getting everything transferred over to a new computer and not having time, I don't have any pictures of cards or anything. Here's some that I found lying around in some folder on my computer.

Here is a Jackie Robinson card I bought at the old Yankee Stadium. Don't know why I bought a Jackie Robinson card in a Yankee store when I could have bought any other Yankee item. It came in a "bullet-proof case", not really but that's what it looks like, haha. It's one of the clear plastic cases with the screw, but it is really thick. I think this card looks pretty cool.

Here is a Timeless Talents 2012 insert card of Roger Maris and Curtis Granderson. I wish the title of this card was true for the Yankees' postseason this year. At least they made it to the ALCS, I really don't know how they got that far.

And lastly here is another insert card of the original and famous "Honus Wagner card". Even if it is a reprint and not even the same dimensions as the original, I still think it is pretty awesome.

and that's it for now, come back in 4 months and, maybe and hopefully you will see another post. Hope everyone has a good rest of October!

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  1. Great to see another post, Schuyler! Cool cards!