Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some Cards From a Couple Weeks Ago That I was Not able to Post.

Hi everybody! Hope everyone's having a good weekend so far. 
More cards come in the mail from William. Thanks William!
I haven't been able to get them posted for a while, but here they are!
A Casey McGreen and a Jeffrey Hammonds - USA cards.
The Jeffrey Hammonds card is from 1991, I didn't know there was a USA team than!
The Casey McGreen card is more recent.

I don't really know what else to say other than Thanks to William and more cards to add to my USA Collection!

I looked up Casey McGreen on Google and nothing for him came up. And for Jeffrey Hammonds, he played on 6 different teams in the MLB and got drafted in the 1st round in the 1992 amateur draft. He Debut in 1993 and played until 2005. In that time span he had 110 home runs and a lifetime average of  .272.


  1. Anytime buddy. I actually have a couple more Team USA cards to send and I found a shop yesterday that has quite a few relic cards from Team USA.

    Also, try googling 'Casey McGrew', I bet you'll find something if you do it that way ;)

  2. OH wow, I just enlarged the picture and saw that it is McGrew not McGreen. I gotta stop looking at the names really fast. Now I feel stupid. Thanks for the fix.